Make the Internet free Again


Make the Internet free Again

To find a book at the library, you search the card catalogue. To find something on the internet, you search… where? The web today doesn’t have an open index where everyone can publish or search for any kind of information. Alexandria was named as an homage to the ancient Great Library, a universal library for all knowledge, because its built using Open Index Protocol, a public space on the internet for all information.

This is thrilling! I’ve been saying for a long time that we need to find a way to get money to artists, directly. This seems to be a really good contender for the way to do it
— Sir Tim Berners-Lee on Open Index Protocol at the Inaugural Decentralized Web Summit 2016

Open Index Protocol (OIP) is an open source specification for a persistent worldwide index and file library useful for data publishing, file distribution and facilitating direct payments. OIP uses blockchain technology and distributed networking to operate with no central authority: record indexing, file storage/distribution and transaction management are carried out collectively by the decentralized network. The system uses a Salutary Protocol model, which creates financial incentive at both the application and protocol layers.

Alexandria is the first application built on OIP. It has been built by the team that created OIP and its alpha release in April 2015 was the first dApp using the specification. A new web-hosted version with modern UX is in development now. Alexandria offers search and browse services for all records published to Open Index Protocol, distinguishing it from other applications using the specification like Caltech and Medici Land Governance that display datasets related to scientific data or property rights respectively. CoinDesk recently called Alexandria, “a Google-like search for the data” that is published to Open Index Protocol.

We’re building a bunch of technology on OIP… an open source technology, sort of an alternative to patents - that lets you create technology and as people use it, it generates revenue for the person who creates it.
— Patrick Byrne, Overstock Shareholder Call Summer 2018

To learn more about Open Index Protocol, read the wiki or chat with our team.

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